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Thread: Microloader looking for "/.js" after building app

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    Just found a workaround ... Extjs is already included as bundle via command so a

    PHP Code:
    requires: ['Ext.*'
    did the trick.

    But this also includes everything from Ext.ux. So no real solution!

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    Default How to find missing requirement

    The thread is older, but just in case anyone runs into the same problem, here's the quick way to find the missing requirement:

    First of all, make sure that ext-all-debug.js is not used (nor any of its variations) when loading the uncompressed version of your application. This can usually done by looking for the mentioning of ext-all-debug.js in the "js"-section of your app.json and removing/commenting it.

    Now load the uncompressed version of your application. Since ext-all-debug.js is not included, every required Ext-file will be loaded individually. If you failed to require a class, Ext will now load it synchronously at run time and let you know about it by showing a warning in your console: Synchronously loading Ext.some.Class; consider adding Ext.require('Ext.some.Class') above Ext.onReady. There's your missing requirement, require it where appropriate and the error will be gone.

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    I have searched our ticket history and it appears that another cause of this can be the usage of dots on xtypes (e.g.: my.component). Are you using these kind of xtypes? If so, I'd suggest you to try and replace the dots with underscores and see if the issue goes away.

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    kleins' "How to find missing requirement" approach worked for me and probably saved me a few hours. Thanks mate!

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    Easiest approach to debug a 404 error on '.js' in a production build:
    Quote Originally Posted by tristan.lee View Post
    Build using sencha app build testing so that the code is not minified. This will give you an idea of which file is trying to load incorrectly.

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