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Thread: The API document of extjs is messy and hard to read.

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    Default Answered: The API document of extjs is messy and hard to read.

    Too much time wasted on finding a useful function or config.

    The Ext.panel.Panel has **133** Configs and **224** Methods in 5.0.1
    Reading such API is nightmare.

    Please don't merge Ext.panel.Panel and Ext.container.Container and Ext.Component and
    Ext.Base all together. This is a waste of time and space.
    Organize the API as **Java** do. Put it in the position it should be.
    I will find Ext.container.Container API in the document of Ext.container.Container,
    Not in the Ext.panel.Panel, even in Ext.container.ButtonGroup.

    Keep the API document clean and easy. or nobody can catch it....

  2. Hi--

    You can cut down the number of visible configs, methods, etc. by unchecking the "Inherited" option under the "Show" button on the right (see screenshot below). This will significantly reduce the size of the results, especially for classes that extend component.

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