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Thread: Issue with drag and drop on absolute containers

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for DSGNR-6336 in Architect 3.5.0.
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    Default Issue with drag and drop on absolute containers

    We have recently updated to Architect 3.1 and we have a new problem. When we try to move a textfield around on an absolute container, the field disappear from where the mouse pointer is. The field is still dragged, but it is actually dragged much lower in the container. If you move the mouse up enough, you see the field being dragged. You can actually drag it where you wanted it by moving the mouse point high above the field. This is not only true for textfield but also for any other component that you want to drag in an absolute container.

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    Stephan, thanks for the report. I see what's going on here. When you have a really tall container with autoScroll we aren't accounting for the additional height that has been scrolled off screen.

    Easy to repro, drag out a formpanel, set height to to 2000, and scroll down to the bottom and drag a textfield out there.

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