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Thread: Bancha add custom column to grid

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    Default Bancha add custom column to grid


    I need to add an extra column to the ExtJS Grid. The grid is using Bancha with CakePHP.

    The column and its data is added using custom code on the back-end side of CakePHP.

    But when added as the last column as follows the column does not show up in the grid:

    var orders = Ext.create('Ext.ModelGridForm', {
    model: Bancha.getModel("Z2itOrder"),
    modelName: 'Order',
    id: 'orders',
    gridFields: ['id', 'psigate_order_num', 'psigate_ref_num', 'date', 'user_id', 'total', 'cc_type', 'status', 'item_type', 'pin', 'reb_id', 'link_zoom_property1'],
    renderFieldWith: [
    {'from':'psigate_order_num', 'width': 130},
    {'from':'psigate_ref_num', 'width': 130},
    {'from': 'user_id', 'to': 'full_name', 'width': 150},
    {'from': 'reb_id', 'to': 'reb_name', 'width': 150}
    excludedGridFields: [],
    excludedFormFields: ['hashcode', 'reb_name'],
    textAreaFields: ['comments'],
    recordDisplayFields: ['id'],
    pageSize: 25,
    sortOrder: 'DESC'

    link_zoom_property1 is that last column, which shows up in the console.log if we say:

    Please help, I am new to Bancha with some familiarity of ExtJS, it was some other programmers in the past who used Bancha.


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    This seems to be a duplicate of this ExtJS 3.x thread:

    Regarding which version of ExtJS is this question?

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