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Thread: Sencha Animator product end very disappointing

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    Default Sencha Animator product end very disappointing

    I just learned about the halt to production and development of Sencha Animator. This is quite unfortunate and will impact my company greatly as we'd trusted our flash-free future to your product over Adobe Edge. Extensive quality assurance testing by dozens over the last few months went into making Sencha Animator our solution to providing interactive media for our educational product distributed across the country to many school systems. The abrupt end to a product many people put many hours into making work for us in our browser-dependent (and future tablet-ready) product is not only disappointing, but a huge breach of trust with your customers. Even though Adobe announced a "stop" to flash development, they still continue to support their product. It's recommended you take a page from their book.

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    Default I am very disappointed to discover that Sencha Animator is no longer supported.

    I am very disappointed to discover that Sencha Animator is no longer supported . My company has bet heavily on your product by finding in it the optimal solution for abandoning Adobe Flash. Whe developed three big products with it. As users who has paid your software we would like to receive a propose for an alternative product!

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    I am disappointed too. how could a professional software house let die a program used for work purposes? honestly I don't believe at answer given by admin of this great software house.....even if an app doesn't sell so much, leave it available on a server it isn't a loss of money. there are a lot of other software of third parties that are old and not used anymore, but still remain on their respective online stores.

    plus it is not a good advertising doing these kind of things....animator was a good software

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    Default official imformation from sencha

    Is there any official information from sencha ?

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    I was very suprised that I couldn't find any information about the product on Sencha products site. Then I've found this topic. Please consider put Animator back as a product, available for download no matter it will not be developed anymore. ULUDA? KEBAPISI
    Animator had one more very important purpose and I am not sure that you considered. It has educative role for children for learning programming on a fun way. Some of those children would later use other Sencha's products as well.

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    The film izle is only selected services. Is there any official information from sencha ?

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    Default Any other compatible product? Couldn't you provide some recommendations at least?

    I think that Sencha customers would be very grateful if someone could provide some recommendations or insights about the compatibility of similar products with Sencha Touch. Is there any chance of using Tumult Hype, Google Web Designer, Edge Animate CC, Animatron, Mugeda, ... in Sencha web apps? Or do we have to spend time and resources exploring each product on our own?
    Thank you in advance,

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    Where can I download Sencha Animator 1.5 for Mac ?My older install wont even run, stuck unable to connect to the activation server

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    Default Will you release it as GPL

    Are you thinking about releasing it as GPL? Forgetting it in a drawer is not much better... :P

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