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    Hello all
    I am trying to run EXT-JS 5 executive dashboard example on my local machine. I could see the code for executive dashboard in the folder "build/examples/executive-dashboard" . However this code is compressed and could not read.

    The other location where I could locate the code for executive dashboard is in the examples folder. However I could not run this uncompressed code.

    At the same time I could see that there are no css files in examples/executive-dashboard folder. Do I need to run any sencha command to get the code in examples folder running on server ? If so is there any way that I can run it without using sencha command ?

    If there is no need to of sencha command to run this example, can someone please gimme few pointers as to how to run this example ?

    Please advise.


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    Have you looked in examples/executive-dashboard/ folder? If you aren't in the build/ directory, you should be able to read the code.

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    Can anyone please help me to run the Execuitve Dashboard example in fiddle ( ?

    I am just looking for the same layout where it divides the Region with headers and collapses.

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