Hi I am new into GXT, we are using gxt 2.2.4 and I am trying to provide a search functionality with auto suggest feature for users, and decided to use ComboBox for this purpose. The problem I am facing is that when the user typing in he will be provided with a list of suggestions and if user doesn't want to pick from the list and search with typed word by pressing enter the first option in the list is selected and searched for that option instead of user typed word.
example: user types "form" and suggestions for "form1" , "form2", "form3" are shown in the list but I don't know exactly which form I need and want to just search for "form" and get all three results, but when after typing "form" and pressing enter key first option "form1" is populated into the field and searched for that instead of "form"

Can any one please advice on how to make ComboBox not to select the option from the list by default.I want to user to navigate into the options if he wants to select from the list.