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Thread: How to make a Row span grid with extjs 5 ?

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    Default How to make a Row span grid with extjs 5 ?

    How to make a Row span grid with extjs 5 ? in extjs 5 version each row is a table. how to implement a grid with row span and colspan feature.
    Please share me if you have any ideas

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    Unfortunately, I don't believe it's possible to merge cells (or rows) in a grid.

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    It was kind of tricky, but something like this worked for me using the rowbody feature.
    See for an example of what the rowbody feature means.

    Attached is a screenshot of what I got to work, hope this is what you need.
    Note that the rowspan spans 2 rows in the example screenshot, but these 'rows' (<tr> elements) belong to the same record in the grid. What we get is that the last column in the example link is one column spanning 2 rows.

    Here's the column definition:

      width: 150,
      dataIndex: 'Dummy',
      focusCls: null,
      rowSpan: 2,  // <- Unofficial property, added here
      renderer: function(value, meta, record) {
        var data =;
        return '<div class="custom-container">'+record.get("SomeDateField") +          
    Now, in the grid's initComponent method, override

    initComponent: function() {
      var me = this;
      // Some other setup
      // Here's the trick. The view instance is constructed but not yet completely initialized.
      // The template code is copied, but the bold, red part is added
      // I didn't find another way to change the view's cellTpl for a specific grid/view
      me.view.cellTpl = new Ext.XTemplate([
             '<td <tpl if="column.rowSpan">rowSpan="{column.rowSpan}"</tpl> class="{tdCls}" {tdAttr} {[Ext.aria ? "id=\\"" + + "\\"" : ""]} style="width:{column.cellWidth}px;<tpl if="tdStyle">{tdStyle}</tpl>" tabindex="-1" {ariaCellAttr} data-columnid="{[values.column.getItemId()]}">',
    '<div {unselectableAttr} class="' + Ext.baseCSSPrefix + 'grid-cell-inner {innerCls}" ',
    'style="text-align:{align};<tpl if="style">{style}</tpl>" {ariaCellInnerAttr}>{value}</div>',
    Hope this is what you need.
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    I've done this in Ext6 classic without a rowBody. Within a cell renderer you set the meta.tdAttr to use a rowspan="x". Also increase the cell width on meta.tdStyle (applied to the inner div). Then css display:none the subsequent cells. Likely works best (or only) with non-flex column widths.

    It's working better than I expected, perhaps partly thanks to the DOM simplification Ext6 has received.

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    can you explain better

    do you have an example?

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