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Thread: ERRORS after build!

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    Default ERRORS after build!

    Ext JS version

    Sencha Cmd v5.1.0.26
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.33

    If generate new project:
    sencha -sdk ./../extjs5/ generate app TESTPROJECT ./
    View in Chrome http_// OK
    Throw we have warning:
    [W] Overriding existing mapping: 'widget.gridview' From 'Ext.grid.View' to 'Ext.view.Table'. Is this intentional?

    If build project:
    sencha app build testing
    View in Chrome http_// BAD

    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function
    app.js?_dc=1419601267057:7174 [E] Ext.event.publisher.Publisher.constructor(): Cannot create multiple instances of 'Ext.event.publisher.Dom'. Use 'Ext.event.publisher.Dom.instance' to retrieve the singleton instance.
    app.js?_dc=1419601267057:7179 Object
    app.js?_dc=1419601267057:7184 console.trace()app.js?_dc=1419601267057:7184 logapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:1069 Ext.apply.raiseapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:25005 Ext.define.constructorapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:9983 Ext.Base.Base.addMembers.callParentapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:26959 Ext.define.constructorapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:10563 constructorapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:91774 Ext.onReady.priorityapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:15485 Ext.env.Ready.invokeapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:15529 Ext.env.Ready.doInvokeAllapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:15498 Ext.env.Ready.invokeAllapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:15454 Ext.env.Ready.handleReadyapp.js?_dc=1419601267057:15469 (anonymous function)app.js?_dc=1419601267057:4995 (anonymous function)app.js?_dc=1419601267057:5187 (anonymous function)
    app.js?_dc=1419601267057:994 Uncaught Error: Cannot create multiple instances of 'Ext.event.publisher.Dom'. Use 'Ext.event.publisher.Dom.instance' to retrieve the singleton instance.

    Any ideas?

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    ExtJs mixed with old version...

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    Glad to hear you got it working, and thanks for posting the follow-up.

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    Default another solution

    Yes, version differences can easily cause build errors. I encountered similar errors with this too.

    I had the same error message. There was no problems with the versions, but with the ".git" folder. The Sencha Cmd generated something differently until I put a line in the app.json file:

    "ignore": [
    This did the job for me. Maybe it will spare someone the 4 hours I have spent bugfixing

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