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Thread: Ajax Store not loading in XCode

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    Default Ajax Store not loading in XCode

    I have a store with a proxy type as 'ajax'. I'm loading the data from a data.json file. On Windows, everything works in Chrome as well as on Android emulator.

    On Mac, this works perfectly if I run it in Safari when I run the sencha server via 'sencha web start'.

    However, when I run this in XCode, the json file is not read. After a couple of days of tearing my hair out, it looks like the XCode build is in a temporary folder and the proxy url is not getting resolved to the correct file. At least that is my assumption.

    I ran the app in XCode and then tried to debug using Safari Developer (remote debug). In the console if I type Ext.getStore('storename').load(), the load success listener gives the third argument as 'false', which indicates that the store did not load (as per docs).

    My proxy url is a relative url to the app root so something like this - 'data/datafile.json'.

    If I set the url with a slash in the beginning like so '/data/datafile.json', I get an 'invalid resource' error in the Safari Developer console.

    Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this will be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is likely because you are loading off the filesystem which will always return a http status code as zero which is treated as a load failure. Ext.Ajax is setup to work on a web server not the filesystem.
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