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Thread: IE8 Grid, so slow that it shows: Stop running this script?

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    Default IE8 Grid, so slow that it shows: Stop running this script?

    I have an application that works well enough in all browser including IE9.

    However, the most popular browser for our customer is Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), and it keep showing the error below.

    You can reproduce with:

    There is nothing custom in that app that is cpu intensive, also the grid is expected to do buffered rendering, so if Sencha Ext JS grid is not able to handle IE 8 that's not good.

    We are looking for a fix in Sencha framework itself. But pointers on making the app faster and still keeping the same functionality would be appreciated.

    Also, while the app is obviously running too slow to be usable, if you have a workaround to not have this popup from IE8 that would be useful.

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    The only drawing engine available to IE8 is VML, which doesn't match the performance of newer browsers. Seems like it's just a platform limitation.

    Going to move this thread to Q&A, since this isn't really a bug report, perhaps others might have some suggestions.
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