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Thread: Architect touch app .apk for Android

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    Default Architect touch app .apk for Android


    We are looking to create a .apk file for our Touch app developed in Architect 3.1
    Demo App is working fine in Browser but now would like to see it in a Android device.

    Have followed below link for how to do it and have JDK, Phonegap, ANT and Node Js installed okay. (

    But when run command as mentioned in thread, CMD does not give any response for below command. No files created in Directory.

    c:\> sencha phonegap init com.mycompany.MyApp MyApp

    Would like to know how one shall generate Android .apk using architect 3.1 for a Touch app. Or how to package Architect code to display on Android device ?

    Will appreciate help, Thank you

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    If you're on Windows, follow this:
    Jason Minnick
    Sencha Architect Development Team

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