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Thread: [DEMO] Really strange IE BUG - htmleditor not editable on 2nd initialisation

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    Default [DEMO] Really strange IE BUG - htmleditor not editable on 2nd initialisation

    I've found a very strange issue/bug with the htmleditor component, it is as follows:

    In IE11 (possible 9 and 10 also), when a new htmleditor is generated the 2nd time and rendered to the screen it's not able to take focus and enter characters into it. The ExtJS version I'm using is ExtJS 3.4.2 but it happens for other versions ExtJS 3 and ExtJS 4

    I've set up a demonstration here: DEMO

    The demo has 2 parts, the main page and an IFrame component with the same code in it. The 'Click Here' buttons bring up an Ext.Window component with a htmleditor in it.

    To use the demo and see the bug, load up the DEMO link in Internet Explorer 11. Click on the 'Click Here [Main]' button to bring up the Ext.Window and see that the htmleditor is editable. Now close that Window and press the 'Click Here [Main]' button again and this time you'll see that the htmleditor is not editable or focused with a cursor.

    To activate the 'Click Here [Main]' htmleditor again, click the 'Click Here [IFrame]' button to bring up the htmleditor/window (not editable yet), close it, and open it again. Tada, editable now, and so is the 'Click Here [Main]' one again. At this stage, if you click the 'Click Here [Main]' button again it will lockdown but the 'Click Here [IFrame]' one will always work. Once the htmleditors are back in a working state, clicking Main or IFrame consecutively will always work too.

    The 'Click Here [Main]' main one will react the same way even if the IFrame was not there. The only reason I figured out that it will always work with the IFrame component is when I was trying to replicate the issue using JsFiddle.

    The JS code of the page is as follows:

    Ext.onReady(function () {
        doIt = function() {
            var a = doStuff();
        doStuff = function() {
            return new Ext.Window({
                closable: true,
                modal: false,
                items: [
                        xtype: 'htmleditor'
    ... and the html for the button is just normal html:
    HTML Code:
    <a onClick="doIt();" >Click Here [Main]</a>
    So, has anybody got any idea about this. I've spent a lot of time trying to debug it but I can't find anything concrete.


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    This has been reported as a bug and has been assigned to the bug tracker (EXTJSIII-239) :


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