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    Hi - I've noticed in most examples very silent interactives made in Sencha Animator. Only one, KickFu, gives examples of sound effects and it's pretty complex and not compatible with all browsers. Anyone have success incorporating audio beyond simply activating on a mouse action such as calling it up in the timeline (like flash did with keyframes) at a certain point? Audio is a key component of animation (sound effects) and this is probably in the requested features forum, but seeing as Animator hasn't been updated since mid-2013 (sorry, probably spoiled by update-crazy Adobe) and most attention online is focused on Touch (unusable for a former Flash artist with intermediate AS and some web-dev skills), I'm seeing what good audio hacks people have come up with. Simple, desktop cross-browser compatible ones (IE9, Firefox Mac/PC, Safari, Chrome) Thanks!

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    u can use buzz.js library for sound i'm using it.add external js file as buzz.js & u can play the music as u want...

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