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Thread: Highlight mandatory fields(text boxes) in red color

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    Default Highlight mandatory fields(text boxes) in red color

    I need to highlight the mandatory fields (text boxes basically) in red color like in the given image below,
    Expected behavior: When the field is empty, it should be highlighted in red color.
    I have set allowBlank field to false and applied a css class to invalidCls property. Its working as expected when I clear the textbox after loading some data. But when I load the application or refresh the page it does not work. Without loading a value to the textbox even if I clear it, it does not work. The only way I can do it is by focusing the cursor to it. But there are multiple mandatory fields, I can not focus all of them together.
    Can anyone give a solution for this problem?


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    After the form is rendered you can do an isValid() check on the form and that will highlight any invalid fields.

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