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Thread: Sencha cmd 5.0.3 "moved" bootstrap.json

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    Default Sencha cmd 5.0.3 "moved" bootstrap.json

    I am serving my ExtJS app from inside a Rails REST server (located in the public directory). In order to avoid CORS issues

    After much configuring I finally got it running with sencha cmd 5.0.2. (I suspect that, for some config changes, it is not enough to have sencha app watch running and one must do a sencha app refresh as well)

    After upgrading sencha cmd to 5.0.3 my app stopped working. Ext was looking for bootstrap.json in another place and of course it was not there

    5.0.2 http://localhost:3000/myapp/bootstrap.json
    5.0.3 http://localhost:3000/bootstrap.json

    So now I have the situation where Ext startup tries to GET the following:-

    http://localhost:3000/myapp/bootstrap.js (note the .js)
    http://localhost:3000/bootstrap.json (404 Not found)

    This is clearly never going to work. It might be cos of some daft config that I have somewhere. But it could be a problem with Sencha cmd 5.0.3.


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    I have the same issue that you are experiencing. I solved it by debugging and editing the microloader code. My fix is at but essentially you have to edit Microloader object's "run" function code in Microloader.js location at [EXT_JS_APP_HOME]\.sencha\app\Microloader.js code (line 67 )

    You have to add the line
    PHP Code:
    url Boot.baseUrl url
    before the lines
    PHP Code:
    Boot.fetch(url, function(result){
    manifest Ext.manifest JSON.parse(result.content);
    in the run function of the Microloader in bootstrap.js
    Hope this helps you

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    I had to use your fix with addition fix in the Boot.js to load scripts from

    Boot.js after line 647
           Request.prototype = {
            $isRequest: true,
            prependBaseUrl: true,
    Microloader.js after line 67
                var extension = ".json",
                    url = manifest.indexOf(extension) === manifest.length - extension.length
                        ? manifest
                        : manifest + ".json";
                  url = Boot.baseUrl + url;

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