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Thread: How to add the GXT example sourcecode into a maven project and run it

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    Default How to add the GXT example sourcecode into a maven project and run it

    I downloaded the gxt zip file, there are some source code examples, and a war file. I could deploy the war file on tomcat and run the demo, however I didn't know how to build the example source code, with maven or eclipse plugin.

    Are there anyone who worked with that examples, could you please help to give me a guide on that?

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    Here is my GitHub repository for that project

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    It already is a Maven project so you don't need to convert anything.

    You need a proper Eclipse with an installed Maven Plugin and Google Plugin. If you want to start your application server out of Eclipse you would need the Server Plugin in Eclipse as well. After you installed everything you can import this project as "existing Maven Project".

    After that you need to perform "Maven install". It should start the GWT compiler as well.

    That's it.

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    If you're using maven, you can use pom.xml dependency configuration to download the library and maven will add it to the classpath. If you manually download the library, you have to add it to the classpath, which is called the build path in Eclipse. For premium customers we have a maven artifactory repo that the dependencies can be downloaded through the pom.xml with credentials.

    Long story short if you go off the maven rails some, you can add anything to the classpath manually, although you loose the benefit of the pom.xml configuring and adding it to the classpath.

    Some other maven notes we have

    Does that help?

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