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Thread: Groupingview get last clicked or run function on click

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    Default Groupingview get last clicked or run function on click

    So i have a GridPanel that uses GroupingView to sort data.

    Headers for each group are formatted with groupRenderer.
    Each group has primary info in the header and essentially " history" under that group.

    What i now need is a way to run a function when ether a link/button or an image is clicked in the header - or a way to mark active group and store a temp value that i could access from within the function ( its ajax call with some checks).

    But it has no click or active or any similar event available.

    I tried adding a href tag in the groupRenderer - however i couldn't access the function from it.

    Each of the groups would have 1 unique value i can use as a parameter to run the function/ ajax call for data only specific to that group.

    For example:
    <a style='width: 200px;' href = '#' onClick = 'downloadFiles("+r.get("vehicleid")+")'>" + _("Vehicle status") + "</a>
    With the function being in the very same grouprenderer, defined above - yet i still get "is not defined",

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    To make sure we're on the same page, is this a framework class you're working with?

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