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Thread: Display data from grid/JsonObject into edit Window/Form

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    Default Display data from grid/JsonObject into edit Window/Form

    Hey all

    In my application, I have a grid populated with some data, I am displaying 2 columns in the, name and noOfScripts. But when I double click on the grid, I want scriptname and parameters also to be displayed( and the number of times it is displayed is based on the noOfScripts) in the Window.

    Check this: this is how I add these data:

    1. Should I save scriptname and parameters along with the main data?
    2. Is it possible to store multiple values, if I add scriptname and parameters to the main Store? or should I create a different store for Script?
    3. If I am creating a different store called Scripts..How I should be mapping it to the data record? Are there any methods provided by ExtJs that helps achieve this?

    Not sure If my explanation on the problem is clear or not. Do let me know if it is not clear, I will try to make it clear.
    Please suggest me if there is something helpful.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure I follow your code setup and how it relates to what you're wanting to accomplish.
    Can you post your code in a test case at

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