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Thread: SA 3.1 - Cannot login on OSX 10.9.5

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    Default SA 3.1 - Cannot login on OSX 10.9.5


    I am having an issue logging in.
    Freshly downloaded SA3.1, no previous SA installations.
    It mentions I might be behind a proxy, but I am not.
    I tried installing SA3.0 to see if things changed, and in fact SA3.0 logs in ok (see screenshot).

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    Never mind, the proxy setting was set to "manual" because of my previous attempts to resolve the issue on another wifi, switching back to autodetect did the trick. Still I have to figure out why the other wifi was giving me this same issue. Could it have been some temporary unavailability of the servers?

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    Certainly possible, we may have had a minor blip on the server-side.
    Aaron Conran

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    thanks Aaron, that makes things clear

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