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Thread: viewModel link load callback or event help

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    Default viewModel link load callback or event help

    I am dynamically creating a form like this, with also passing in a new model as part of the links config:

    this.createTab(record, {
        xtype: 'editform',
        viewModel: {
            links: {
                additionalData: {
                    reference: 'MyApp.model.AdditionalData',
                    id: record.getId()
            data: {
                entry: record
    However the form is rendered before the AdditionalData model is loaded, and I don't know what to trigger some event that tells my form or controller this model has been loaded...This wouldn't be an issue if I 2-way binded my form, but the form is just 1 big html text editor, and 2 way binding this large field is wonky, like the cursor moves all over the place and sluggish. This is fine, so I want to set the field manually. What can I do to populate this form field upon the model being loaded from the server?

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    To make sure we're on the same page with your testing can you post a complete test case that demonstrates what you're wanting to do either here or at

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