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Thread: Container not showing in MessageBox

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    Default Container not showing in MessageBox

    When I try to put Ext.Panel inside items of Ext.MessageBox it isn't shown.
    But if I put a button it is shown.
    Shouldn't I be able to put any container inside items property and expect it to show as a general rule?

      onReady        : function() {
        var toolbar = Ext.create('Ext.Toolbar', {
          dock       : 'top',
          title      : 'Standard Titlebar'
        var green = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
          layout     : 'auto',
          style      : "background-color: Green",
          html       : "Green",
          height: '100px'
        //CREATE BUTTON.
        var button1 = { 
          xtype      :'button', 
          text       :'Button 1' 
        var message = Ext.create('Ext.MessageBox', 
                title: 'Validation',
                message: 'Please wait',
                buttons: [],
                items: [button1, green]
        Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
          fullscreen : true,
          layout     : 'auto',
          scrollable : true,
          items      : [toolbar, green]

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    Ext.MessageBox isn't meant to hold items, it's meant to show a title, message and buttons.

    if you want a floating container, create a container with centered set to true.

    Also, auto is the default layout so you don't have to set layout : 'auto'
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