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Thread: Is MVVN prooven?

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    Default Is MVVN prooven?

    the question is simple:

    is MVVM ready for production use?
    • Can you name any big apps that were made using mvvm with extjs5?
    • Is memory management really better and PROVED in mvvm compared to MVC known from extjs4?
    • Anyone reading this succeeded with extjs5 and mvvm?
    • What were the biggest problems during implementation?
    • Is it just me not knowing how to use google or there are examples of mvvm are not common? (can you provide some?)
    we are evaluating extjs5 and are just about taking decision about buying it. our main concern is lack of examples, learning resources (for example: no books, just 'getting started' tutorials on a few blogs).

    Anyone had same feelings and got rid of them?

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    As any framework you have two options:
    1. Use the stable & proven version, 4.2.x in this case. Less risk but less new and cool features.
    2. Use the latest, less proven and less used version, 5.x in this case. More risk because you surely will bump with bugs, less examples and books but your reward is cooler features.

    Big ExtJS 5 applications in production now?
    I doubt that but may be several on the way.
    "Succeeded" with ExtJS 5 / MVVM?
    Surely a lot of developers.

    ExtJS is in general +/-7 years old, version 5 is just some months old so is up to you to take the risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kot.filemon View Post
    the question is simple: Is MVVN prooven?
    "prooven" with extra "o" as "mvvm" with extra "v"?

    Still waiting for a ExtJS5 book.

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    Hi kot.filemon,
    we carry the risk investing our time & resources in ExtJS5. (we started our project in May/June so we use at beginning extjs 5 beta!)

    New architecture, sencha cmd is really good.
    Declarative config and components are pretty good.
    I don't have a lot of experience with Ext JS 4 so I can't compare with it.

    What we have found the most problematic:
    - bindings - are slow and if you use it in forms is a gap 1-2 s in our app between before bindings and after bindings, so user have to wait
    - data session - we found a couple of bugs, management records in sessions, sending new request for asociation data despite necessery data is earlier received, and so on, it's still very tricky
    - problems with basic functionality like comboboxes, numberfields, tagfields, grids and cooperation with components and plugins e.g. grid with locked column is lack of selection possibility
    - difference dev & prod version due to bad compression css and js

    We freeze Ext version in because we could not afford to constantly discover new bugs in newer nightly builds. So many of above problem could be solved now, I don't know.
    Our customers have begun work with application so we will know more soon

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