Hi all (and especially to the Sencha team),

at the moment I am introducing the portal layout to our application. I am facing this situation:
We have three columns in the portal. The second column is a workflow view where no portlets shall be inserted manually.
For this, I have to check within the method onPortletDragMove if the portlet is moved over this column. To check this, I need to check the current column, which is evaluated in the method getColumn(). Unfortunately this method is private and can not be overwritten. I could copy the method, but it uses the also private attribute startColumns.

My "solution" is to override the method onPortletDragStart and there save the start columns into an own variable. Then copy the method getColumn using this new variable. Finally, I override the method onPortletDragMove, where I can call my method getColumn() and only call the super method if the current column is not the second one.

That's quiet tricky and not very straightforward. The question is: Why aren't there at least getter-methods for all those private fields? That would make live much easier.

Holger Herrmann