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Thread: single store multiple grids different filters

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    Default single store multiple grids different filters

    Is it possible to share the same store for multiple grids but to have a fixed local filter on a status column that is different for each grid.

    ie grid 1 status = 1
    grid 2 status = 2
    grid 3 status = 3

    the filters would have to be fixed and ideally would by filtered on a status column that is not even present in the grid. It is present in the store.

    changes to the store should update all 3 grids.

    Any suggestions / starting points?

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    Default One Model, One Store Filtered Differently to Two Instances

    I have some questions:
    1. In your example, Model extends KitchenSink.model.Base (but I do not see that file??) What in that file?
    2. In your example, you are using get Data, my data comes from an expensive query I want to only run once, how would I handle that so the stores auto update once the data comes back from the request.

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