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    Hello, I'm a newb to Extjs, but have been developing websites professionally in the lamp stack for about six years now. I need to build a mobile-first responsive site. The executive dashboard example seem like a good example of the design I'd like to have for the end product (!kpi/clicks). However, I noticed during my research that this example (as well as other examples of responsive design) are all completely unusable on my phone, and do not really degrade gracefully below a tablet-sized viewport. You could argue that my iPhone 4 is too old, however, my bosses' android had exactly the same experience (not sure on make/model/year). Aside from the design not degrading gracefully on small viewports, scrolling does not work at all.

    Is responsive completely broken or am I just missing something? Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. ExtJs 5 currently does not support phones.

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    ExtJs 5 currently does not support phones.

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    Thank you for the reply, I missed the line that you copied from the page you linked. Do you have any knowledge or links you could share regarding the state of mobile? Is phone support on the roadmap for any future version?

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    I think smartphones are already supported in ExtJS 5. With responsive config you can easily prepare 3 different layouts - phone / tablet / desktop. Dynamic layout is still in our dreams only. However framework is still too heavy for cellphones. With Sencha Touch you still create more natural application than with ExtJS 5.

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