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Thread: Drag and drop field to field.

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    Default Drag and drop field to field.

    So essentially I am trying to create a drop zone either on a field or on a form. I was trying to follow the example at the url below. The code below is from the example, but when I try to do this my form does not have a view object. Is there a way to add a view to a form? From what I have seen in the documentation, forms do not have a view object. Any sugestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    FormDropZone = function (form, config) { this.form = form;, form.view.scroller.dom, config);};

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    So I ended up taking a different root and modified some plugins that are listed on the Ext JS 3 example page in the drag and drop section. I will try to remember to post them when I am done. After looking at my view question a bit more, am I correct in thinking that only components with stores have the view object? I guess my understanding of the view object is lacking. If any gurus want to chime in it would be appreciated.


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