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Thread: Hello World: Where is my server?

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    Default Hello World: Where is my server?

    I am a total Sencha newbie interested in extJS.
    I am trying to do the Getting Started Hello World tutorial at:

    After installing Sencha Command 5, I plugged in these commands:
    sencha generate app -ext MyApp ./app
    cd app
    sencha app watch

    I see the application files created at: C:\app.

    But next line in the tutorial says:
    Thats it. Youve created an application and deployed a server. Now navigate to http://localhost:1841 or your native localhost. You can now view your newly generated Ext JS 5 application. It should look something like this:

    What does it mean I deployed a server. Where? How do I know what my port number is? Would that port number be for all Sencha extJS apps or just this one?

    This is very fustrating. Is there some Sencha tools somewhere for viewing this web server?
    How can they just leave you hanging with no direction here?

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    Sencha CMD is bundled with Web server. So when you execute
    sencha app watch
    within application directory, it automatically runs webserver listening the aplication on port 1841. That's why http://localhost:1841 is the URL your app should be accessible on.
    Of course you may not use cmd Web server and deploy the app on your custom server instance, apache, tomcat, whatever. But this is already another topic of discussion

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    sencha app watch actually did not work for me.
    I had to use "sencha web start" from my generated app directory and then it says the server is listening at: localhost:1841. Kind of like Node.js listens until you kill it.

    But that is not my real issue.
    The issue for me is that I can actually get it running.
    But only the text shows up.
    Where is the blue background UI like in the example screen shot for the tutorial.

    Where is the Navigation Widget/Control and the Tab Widget/Control?

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