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Thread: Store does not contain all record results returned from SQL query

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    Default Store does not contain all record results returned from SQL query

    Current setup
    Architect verion:2.2.3
    Build: 1044
    ExtJS version: 4.2.2

    I am experiencing an issue where one of the stores in my app does not contain all the results from my SQL query. The basic scenario is as follows. My store called PrFormStore calls a php script to run the SQL and then returns the JSON resultset. When I run my test case I am getting 6 records, but when I look at the store contents after the app loads the count in the store is only 3. Looking at the php script it is kicking out all 6 records correctly. I just don't understand why some of the records are being dropped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's not really possible to say, you'll need to post more information:

    a) The model definition
    b) The store definition
    c) The response the server returns
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