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Thread: Scrolling togrid row (bug?)

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    Hello Skirtle, thank you for your support. I found a work around based on some of the info you have given me. The following is what I am now using:

    handler: function() {
           var view = grid.getView();
               var r = Ext.create('User', {
                                name: null,
                                email: null,
                                active: false
                            userStore.insert(0, r);
                      //calculate pixel sizes I want to scroll.
                        var lengthOfStore =;
                        var scrollLength = lengthOfStore *30;
                         //Scrolling to grid has been replaced by 'scrollBy', and the length I have designated
                      window.setTimeout(function(){rowEditing.startEdit(r,0);}, 100);        
                           //instantly starting the rowEditing function deactivates the rowEditor, because the scroll needs to be completed first.
    Dirty, but does the trick.
    Thanks for all your support!

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    Thanks for this discussion. Had the same problem after upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 where the grid's getRow() function obviously can't catch the recently added row(s) after a store load in time. However the approach with scrolling by a specific number of pixs works in 5.1.

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    Default And the real answer is...

    I know this thread is old, but I'm going to post this anyway as I'm sure others will stumble upon this thread, looking for the answer.

    The answer already accepted here is not really very efficient. There's a lot easier way to accomplish this in one line. First, you have to understand that, as of version 5.0, all grids include the BufferedRenderer plugin by default, unless you set the grid's bufferedRenderer config to false.

    Assuming you have only one plugin in your grid (e.g., the default BufferedRenderer), the code is:


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