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Thread: DoublePropertyEditor with CurrencyFormat not working ???

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    Default DoublePropertyEditor with CurrencyFormat not working ???

    i have following problem with the DoublePropertyEditor.

    DoublePropertyEditor editor = new DoublePropertyEditor(NumberFormat.getCurrencyFormat("EUR"));
    NumberField<Double> gpQ4 = new NumberField<Double>(editor);
    if i type some numbers in the field i am getting this error:

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-06 um 16.22.49.png

    can someone help ?
    i am using GXT 3.1.1

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    Several things are odd here. First to your specific problem, kozla13:
    I guess, if you put NumberFormat.getCurrencyFormat("EUR") as your format for the field, your entered string has to end on " ", i.e. space and euro sign. Has this been your intention?

    But even then, there is still the same error, which leads to the the first bug in GXT.
    1. In german locale the format above is "#,##0.00 ". It seems to be impossible to enter a valid string here. Reason: the space before the euro sign is a nbsp (ASCII #255). Only string like "123<nbsp>" are valid.

    2. Why is there a double and mixed language error displayed?

    Can someone please move this to the bug section?

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