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Thread: Filtering & Pagination in the Grid is not working properly for Internet Explorer

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    Default Filtering & Pagination in the Grid is not working properly for Internet Explorer


    In my application we are using the Grids for 2-3 screens, which is holding the data. when we are viewing the application in Mozilla or Chrome everything is working fine including the pagination and the Filtering. But the same application when i am viewing in the Internet Explorer the Filtering and Pagination is not working and when i try to move to the next page it is altering the page nos. but not reloading the grid data.

    I am not using any user agents in my gwt.xml as i want it to be for all the browsers.

    Please recommend something to be done to fix for Internet Explorer as well. I am using gxt3.0.1 for my application.

    Rahul Anand

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    Hello Rahul,

    I'm using the same combination and for me it's working just fine.

    Please provide your code to have a look on it.


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    Hello Sven,

    It`s working for me as well when i am running it in the Local for all the Browsers including Internet Explorer.

    But, when I deploy the code in the LINUX Environment, then the Filtering and Pagination stuffs gets some problems for one of the Screen.

    Actually when i am moving in the next page its altering the Page no`s but the Grid data does not get refreshed.
    The same follows for the Filtering also, when ever I am filtering by any keyword then it refreshes the Grid but filters does not get applied.

    But this problem is not seen in any other Browser except Internet Explorer.

    Rahul Anand

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    Rahul, I guess u should gather more info to see what exactly is the problem.
    Did u track the request, that fails with IE? Would be helpful to know if Server returns an error.
    If not, there is something u can do on clientside: I am sure u use some kind of PagingLoader. Do u add a ExceptionHandler?
    I do something like this in my webapp:
            pagingLoader.addLoadExceptionHandler(new LoadExceptionHandler<FilterPagingLoadConfig>() {
                public void onLoadException(
                        LoadExceptionEvent<FilterPagingLoadConfig> event) {
                    grid.getView().setEmptyText("data retrieval failed!");
    This way user gets informed about a communication problem and outdated data gets removed from grid.

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