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Thread: CSS Styleguide for GXT components

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    Default CSS Styleguide for GXT components


    i am wondering if there exists a CSS styleguide for all GXT components. It is very tricky to style these components properly because there are so many ways (and mostly there're not working).

    It actually would help to know how these GXT components are presented in HTML-code (to style the subcomponents).

    Thank you

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    GXT has two basic mechanisms at this point to modify styling, the simple/easy, and the powerful/hard. We started with the appearance pattern (documented first by GWT at then on our blog at and more content can be found in our docs at, which gives you not only the ability to set whatever CSS or images you want for your widgets, but also to rebuild the HTML structure itself and even some behaviors as well.

    The GXT 3.1 release then included the Theme Builder tool which greatly simplifies the process by building the appearance for you - instead of defining all of the specifics of each appearance implementation or subclassing our 'base' or 'default' implementations, you build a config file that describes your theme, and it builds it all for you. Check out these links for more details:

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