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Thread: A Context Menu does not pop up on IPad/IPhone

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    Default A Context Menu does not pop up on IPad/IPhone

    Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    GXT 3.1

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)
    • ipad, iphone

    Virtual Machine

    Context menu is not displayed on long-press on ipad/iphone. It is working as expected in Chrome on Android.

    Run mode
    Production mode (not tested in dev mode)

    Steps to reproduce the problem
    1. </i>
    2. Long touch a control that has a context menu (e.g. on a tree node or a grid row)

    Expected result
    A context menu should be displayed on long-press.

    Actual result
    A "copy text" standard menu pops up.

    Test case
    can be tested on under Tree->Context Menu Tree

    Helpful Information

    Screenshot or video

    Live test

    Debugging already done
    • none

    Possible fix
    Not provided

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    Even in 2014, we're still seeing vast differences in how browsers handle events .

    This is a difference in how the different browsers handle the long press and convert it to 'mouse' events. Ideally, this should instead be handled by listening for the long press in your widgets and showing the context menu when it happens - we'll be adding optional support for this sort of thing in GXT 4, but it won't be turned on by default, since a long press isn't necessarily the same thing as a right click.

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