My Scenario: I use ASP.NET MVC at Backend and i only present to the user just one page using RAZOR that helps me dealing with Dynamic Data on it and to load the Sencha ExtJS framework with the old way like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>My App Title</title>
   @RenderSection("ExtJS_Styles") <===== Loading by Razor the ExtJS Styles
   @RenderSection("ExtJS_Framework") <===== Loading by Razor the ExtJS Framework
      <thisngs to do dynamically with Razor />
So, the new way when i Build to Production the WebApp i see that generates an index.html embedding all the ExtJS code and styles needs to render the WebApp in the "Microloader" script tag section, but if i need still the use of Razor Technology to catch some dynamic data, how can i accomplish that?

Can the injected code at Microloader section be converted to external files? with that i can still reference to that external files using Razor...

Hope you help me with this scenario...