I am trying to set up the app generated by cmd within a new node/express instance. Express creates a public/javascripts folder, which is where I want all my Ext 5 code to be. When I run the command:

sencha generate app -ext MyApp ./Projects/node-test/public/javascripts
Everything deploys to the javascripts folder as expected. But the index.html is in this folder as well. So I copy that to the node views folder, change the src to "javascripts/bootloader.js" change index.jade to point to index.html.

When I run the node web server, bootstrap.js loads, but everything else is 404. The logs are showing the path to be /ext/... but I need them to point to /javascripts/ext/...

The only way for me to fix this is to deploy the app to /Projects/node-test/public but that defeats the purpose to keeping everything in the javascripts folder.

Perhaps I am just approaching this the wrong way. I should just delete the Express folders javascripts, stylesheets and images in the public folder and use public as the root for the Ext app.