I would like to listen for the "itemclick" event on a polar chart in ExtJS 5 (Pie series).

So I would listen to it in my controller in the "init" function and use the "control" method to add the listener. But when I try to click on the chart, nothing appends... I also tried adding it with "addListener" and "on" in my controller and in my view with listeners. (I also tried to listen to every events listed in the documentation, but none of them give me something and after looking in the code saw a TODO: "TODO:ps The trigger above should be 'itemclick', not 'click'." and also simply tried 'click' but not better)...

Before in ExtJS 4, we had to listen to this event on the series, I tried it, but it's not better... So I supose that this is a bug

Thanks in advance

Test-case: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/74q (won't work on fiddle.sencha because charts are not included)