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Thread: Critical issue with opening links

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    Default Critical issue with opening links


    I am running into the same critical problem that others have run into with ST2 in the past (, I say it's critical because it locks the user out of the ST app with no way of returning to it.

    I am using ST2.3 with Cmd/Cordova native packaging. The issue is that clicking on links causes the target page to load within the app with no way of returning to the app. This happens when the links are in externally loaded content (for example a link inside an email). For links that are part of the app, I can use inAppbrowser to open browser windows inside the app; if I want, I can also open links externally in Safari with - these are fine for situations where I have control.

    But if I load external content, like an email, that has a link, then tapping on the link opens the link inside the app with no way of returning. Is there a solution or workaround for this? Seems like a critical flaw since it requires the user to kill the app and restart fresh. Am I missing something here?

    As always, I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

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    The cordova in app browser allows you to intercept (clobber) all href calls. I know because I saw it in the documentation many moons ago. We've used it a lot in the past.

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