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    Hi everyone

    I need some help to develop a reusable grid, or abstract grid, or a general grid (I don't know how to call this) to use it in any application. I just want to put a store, and set the columns. The developer doesn't need to know what is implemented, he just need to pass the parameters when he creates the instance of grid. Please anyone has some example or tip, I have no idea.


    Ps. Please sorry for my poor english, I'm brazilian and I'm studing english, but I'm a begginer yet rs....

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    Hi, on extj doc examples site, you have some good examples of how to use grid component (Ext.grid.panel). See, for example

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    Thanks for you answer Dejan Beciric

    I have already seen some examples, but I still can't find a solution for this case in especific

    I would like to know if there is any way to define attributes like width, heigth, padding, and then the developer just put the parameters title, columns and store when instantiate the grid.

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