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Thread: sencha touch build formpanel dynamicly

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    Default sencha touch build formpanel dynamicly

    Am new at sencha touch and I want to create a formPanel after the user click on some listener, I found out how to listen to An item, but the problem is to create a page and fill it with data coming from JsonP request I tried{ url: 'url', callbackName: 'callback1', success: function(result, request) { Ext.Viewport.add({ title : 'Category', iconCls : 'home', id:'category'+id, xtype : 'formpanel', deferredRender:true, tabBarPosition : 'bottom', data:result.prop }); }}); in the console there is no error and the form added but not within the formpanel that already exist

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    Please format and use code tags with posting code. Use the html config instead of data.
    html: result.prop
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    When posting code, please use BBCode's CODE tags.

    Need to include a test case use:
    The official Sencha Fiddle

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