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Thread: Grid (?) causes browser address change

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    Default Grid (?) causes browser address change

    I want to integrate a GXT-based view that includes mainly a Grid into an existing GWT application.
    • The grid contains some custom Menus, e.g. accessible from each of the Grid's cells.
    • The GWT application uses GWT's history menchanism.
    After integration, the access of the Menu's causes the browser's address to change, e.g.
    xxxx://.../?gwt.codesvr=...#MyPlace:param=value -> xxxx://.../?gwt.codesvr=...#
    This leads the History mechanism to load a defaultPlace, which is not the desired behavior.
    At first I thought GXT's stateful feature might cause the address change in order to maintain state information there. However, the grid is configured stateless and the default Provider used inStateManager is CookieProvider.
    • Is there any other GXT feature that I am not aware of that could cause this kind of behavior?
    • I don't know how to approach debugging this. Any hints on this part?

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    I am using GWT-History support and GXT grids in many ways as well. Nothing odd happens here.
    I think the Menus are to blame, which has been your assumption anyway.

    I guess you have to share more info or condense it to a small example.

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