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Thread: My app is looking for something deleted

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    Default My app is looking for something deleted

    Uncaught Error: [Ext.Loader] Failed loading 'app/view/MyPanel.js', please verify that the file exists

    I can't figure out what has happened here.
    I don't know what else to do.
    My project was working fine until I tested something I didn't like later so I deleted it.
    I deleted everything I added and then when I wanted to refresh the app I couldn't because there's this error on build.

    Please, I'd apreciate some help, thanks!

    EDIT: It's true that MyPanel.js doesn't exist, because I deleted it. The question is why is it even looking for it?
    I am using Sencha Architect

    EDIT 2: I deleted MyPanel.js from app.js and it worked perfectly! I was happy until I saved the project again when MyPanel.js appeared again in app.js
    Why does it keeps appearing there? I haven't got any view called that way on my app

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    when you delete it, did you delete it from the file system or delete the reference in Architect by selecting Application in the Project Inspector panel and deleted it from the Config property? Try the second method if you haven't done it and remember to save the project and publish the changes to your development server.

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