I don't understand, how to add my own iconCls for buttons.
I have Sencha Architect 3.04 and Touch 2.3.x.
Here is what I done:

1. Put font files to resources/sass/stylesheets/fonts/icomoon
(total 4 files)

2. Added to resources/sass/app.scss
@include icon-font('icomoon', inline-font-files(
 'icomoon/icomoon.woff', woff,
 'icomoon/icomoon.ttf', truetype,
'icomoon/icomoon.svg', svg

@include icon("heart" , "\e602", "icomoon");
@include icon("playcards" , "\e603", "icomoon");
3. In Sencha Architect changed iconCls property for button to "playcards"

After these actions new icons does't appears. Where is the problem?