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Thread: Why Ext.tree.View. isAnimating is a private method?

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    Default Why Ext.tree.View. isAnimating is a private method?

    Is there a reason why this method is private in 5.0 and 4.0?

    I'd like to use this method to know if a tree node is expanding.

    I expand a tree node when a checkbox is clicked. I'd like to ignore the 'checkchange' event when the tree checkbox is clicked in a quick succession and the node is still expanding. This method is helpful to me, but it's marked private.

    Ext.define('Ext.tree.View', {
         * Checks if a node is currently undergoing animation
         * @private
         * @param {} node The node
         * @return {Boolean} True if the node is animating
        isAnimating: function(node) {
            return !!this.animQueue[node.getId()];

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    I've entered a request to make it public.
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