I'm using Sencha Architect to build our back-office. The back-end is in php, so I use proxy ajax api "CRUD".
All work very well.
But now I'd like to add the 'filter' to the 'Grid', something like the example here: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/e...ter-local.html
With the help of this link:
I've done the 'View' of grid filter, it means I can display 'Filter', but it doesn't work when I select the colume to filter.
I think I have to define the rule to filter when query the db (I'm not sure, so my first question is if this idea is right), maybe the api 'read'.
So when I select some colume to filter, What's the request sent to api ? I search in google, someone says
it's like this :

filter[0][data][type] : list filter[0][data][value] : small,medium filter[0][field] : size filter[1][data][type] : boolean filter[1][data][value] : true filter[1][field] : visibleSomeone knows how to add filter to grid wiith api php in Sencha Architect? Or maybe some example about it. Thank you and sorry for my English