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Thread: Issue with grid panel.

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    Default Issue with grid panel.

    I have two issues with grid panel in sencha architect3:
    1. Filters with grid is not working. i.e we are not able to bind the filtered results to the grid on button click.
    attached is the screenshot for it.
    In the top if u press go button after filling up the values, the grid should get refreshed with filtered result. I am getting the JSON encoded results btu I am not able to bind the result to the grid..
    2. Paging toolbar is not working with respect to grid. i.e. for each page all the results are getting displayed.

    Please help..
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    Default Bind the filtered results to the grid on button click

    Filters with grid on button click:
    Step 1: Create a Controller for "Go" Button and the Event Binding name should be "Click"
    Step 2: Filtration is based on your Model, so each filtration data is there in model.
    Step 3: In Controller Write down the code below:

    //Find the values from the form
    var form = button.up('form');
    values = form.getValues();
    //Cast your Parameters
    var type=values.SelectFilter;
    var CType=values.ddlCType;
    var Search=values.txtFilter;

    // Success
    var successCallback = function(resp, ops) {
    // Get the store
    var myStore = Ext.getStore('GridBind');

    Keep Coding..Njoy

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    Great work abhinav..Thanks..

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