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Thread: Scrolling a list and carousel vertically together side by side

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    Default Scrolling a list and carousel vertically together side by side

    Hi. Is there a way to scroll a list and a carousel vertically side by side? I have tabular data, and the idea is to keep the first column fixed in place (I'm using a list for that), and to have a carousel to swipe between other sets of columns, 2 per "card" (using a panel with 2 lists per card). However, when I have multiple "rows" that overflow the screen, I need to be able to scroll everything together, like I would a table. When I disable scrollable on each list, and try to enable it on enclosing panels, the lists are still cut-off. I've tried multiple combinations of hbox and fit layouts, but haven't been able to make it work. Is there another layout structure I should be thinking of to accomplish this? Any help is appreciated!

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