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Thread: proportionately resizing window

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    Default proportionately resizing window

    Is there a way to make a window resize proportionately?
    Maybe in a similar manner to Ext.Resizable, preserveRatio: true
    Many thanks.

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    You should use the hbox or vbox layouts on your top component. Then the components that you want to have re size proportionately should have a flex value. So if you have two components and you want one to take up 2 thirds and the other to take up 1 third. Set componentA's flex to 2 and componentB's flex to 1. Then component A will always take up two thirds of the screen. If you want them half and half, set them both to one. In the example below, I have a grid and form that are both the same size and re-size proportionately (1 to 1)when the window size changes.

    this.items = [
                    xtype: 'container',
                    layout: 'hbox',
                    height: 150,
                    items: [
                            flex: 1,
                            height: 150,
                            xtype: 'myForm'
                            flex: 1,
                            height: 150,
                            xtype: 'myGrid'

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