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Thread: Application instance is null while setting Global listener in initialize()

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    Default Application instance is null while setting Global listener in initialize()

    I should preface by saying this only happens in a production build and I often come across errors being thrown that are in a production build and not the development build --- is there something I can do to avoid that?

    I have an event listener that I have setup in my container class in the initialize function. In a production build, an error is thrown telling me that: is 'undefined and is 'not an object'.

    This makes sense because in a production build everything is minified so the app initializes quicker and I'm thinking that seems not to be instantiated at the time I reference it to set my listener. Is there workaround?

    Ext.define('myApp.view.AbsSlidingContainer', {
        extend: 'Ext.Container',  
        xtype:  'absSlidingContainer',
       initialize:function() {
                slidingPanelScroll: this.scrollToTop,
                scope: this

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    Probably a timing issue. When is the view instantiated? May have to add the listener within the launch method or define on Ext.application.
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