Hi all,

First of all Im not an Ext exper or even a javascript expert, my background is C/C++ and Assembly.
Second my english isn't the best, so sorry my mistakes.

Back to business.

I have developed a component to render an organization chart by reading Ext sources, reusing many code as i could and overriding what I need

Here is some features:
  • Simple Ext.data.TreeStore backend
  • Multiple selection
  • Drag and drop with auto scroll and auto expansion
  • Panning
  • Custom rendering by overriding renderItem method or itemTpl template
  • Keyboard navigation (left, right, up, down) with auto expand, +/- expand/collapse
I have teste it on IE8, IE10, Chrome 33, FireFox 28 with Ext 4.1.1 and 4.2.1

Download: http://adequare.com/ochart/ochart.zip

Example: http://adequare.com/ochart

ny comment or bug report is welcome.